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What Does it Mean to Have 20/40 Vision?

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If you've recently had your vision tested and were told that you have 20/40 vision, you might be wondering what exactly that means.

Having 20/40 vision means that when you're standing 20 feet away from an object, you can see it just as clearly as a person with normal (20/20) vision can see an object that’s 40 feet away.

While 20/40 vision falls within the normal range of vision, it can make it difficult to do things like read street signs or see objects in the distance. If you’d like to learn more about corrective lenses or contacts for people with 20/40 vision, schedule an eye exam with Pro Optical.

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Can People with 20/40 Vision See Clearly?

While having 20/40 vision can be frustrating, it's important to remember that it can usually be corrected with glasses or contact lenses. So if you’ve recently been told that you
have 20/40 vision, don't panic – there are options available to help you see more clearly.

It's also worth noting that 20/40 vision is just one measure of visual acuity, and it's not the only factor that determines overall visual ability. If your eyes are healthy and you have good visual skills, such as depth perception, peripheral vision and color perception, you may still have excellent overall vision.

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Book an Eye Exam Consultation with Pro Optical

If you're concerned about your vision, the best thing to do is speak to your eye doctor. They can perform a comprehensive eye exam and determine the best course of action for improving your vision.

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