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Located Centrally in Boston

At Pro Optical, our patients are our highest priority. We invest in the latest technology to ensure you receive the best possible care. Our knowledgeable optical team works with us to have you seeing clearly and looking great. We are very proud to have provided quality care to the Boston area since 1987.

Thank you to our all of our patients for continuing to support our independent, local business. We value your patronage and appreciate the confidence you have in us.

excellence since 1987

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Meet Our Optometrists in Boston | Pro Optical

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Dr. Jeffrey Kublin - Pro Optical
Dr. Cheryl DePaolo Jost - Pro Optical
D. Bao-Kim Nguyen - Pro Optical
Dr. Susan Cheng - Optometrist in Boston, Massachusetts - Pro Optical
Andrew Rabkin
We Couldn't Have Said It Better
Linda was so wonderful to work with. She was patient and kind while I tried on so many pairs of glasses. highly recommend working with her!
2 months ago
- Raven C.

Quality Eye Exams & Eyewear in Boston

We have world-leading innovative diagnostic and imaging equipment to provide you with peace of mind that you’ll receive the best care for your eyes.

Designer Glasses in Boston

Treat yourself (and your peepers) to the latest in fashionable eyewear. Come by to check out our newest collection of modern and vintage-style designer glasses or prescription glasses. And while you’re at it, why not add a blue light filter to your glasses. Learn more about our computer glasses and how it may protect your eyes and improve your sleep.

Don’t have an updated prescription? Book an eye exam today and get your personalized fitting at Pro Optical and experience Boston‘s home of remarkable eyewear in person.

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Tom Ford Sunglasses in Boston

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